Manufacturing Connectivity

Ensuring that your people, processes, and technology all talk to each other is key to having a connected value chain. Cimlogic is ideally placed to help you kick-start your journey towards connectivity through technology. Industry 4.0, is not just for multi-national organisations and whole IT systems do not need to be redesigned to accommodate this new technology.

All manufacturers will be at different points in their Industry 4.0 journey and whether you need to get data from legacy machinery or new smart machinery and instruments through new hardware or software, Cimlogic can assist. Cimlogic has a long history of helping all manufacturers, including SMEs, identify and evaluate all existing IT and OT (Operational Technology) infrastructures within their manufacturing operations, assessing their current capabilities and the steps needed to achieve their future goals.

Collecting and having access to critical data through connectivity, and then maximising its value through analysis can boost your improvement journey. Optimised data enables better and faster decision-making, increased productivity and reduced costs.

Cimlogic can also assist with producing a Manufacturing Transformation Strategy, which will enable you to plan, strategise and implement Industry 4.0 technologies, that are appropriate, timely and scalable for your business. The strategy will enable you to achieve Operational Excellence and your Industry 4.0 capabilities over a realistic and managed time scale, ensuring any infrastructure expenditure is planned and connects not only technologies but also people and processes, ensuring your plant is a factory of the future.

RAISE™ is our core manufacturing improvement methodology which applies a client-centric approach to solving problems and realising value. It combines the latest technology solutions and technical expertise with a real focus on people and culture. RAISE™ is the way Cimlogic work and is embedded in everything we do. We take our client through every stage of the RAISE™ process, ensuring maximum return on investment while establishing a long-term trusted partnership. We aspire to be an integral part of your continuous improvement journey, helping you to engage with technology and adding value at every step of the way. Read more about RAISE™



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