Improve Manufacturing Visibility





- Your shop floor operators need to know when the line is down, whether they are on target and/or if they need to make real-time improvements to hit daily production schedules.

- Your planners need to know when the line will be in changeover and when the production run will be completed.

- Managers need to be able to get a full picture of their whole operations and know whether capacity is being fully utilised, locally and globally.

- Good visual management gets the right information, to the right person, at the right time for informed business decisions.


Extracting real-time manufacturing data and business intelligence across all manufacturing operations, from local sites to multiple global sites, offers complete visibility into production processes and is an invaluable business tool. Implement processes and systems which provide the data and information needed to collaborate with departments and make sound business decisions.


Optimum inventory management is having visibility of stock levels and the location of materials - balancing product availability against the need to minimise stock holding and handling costs. Visibility into current inventory levels in storage and being able to track and locate the movement of items helps improve on-time fulfilment of customer orders.


Visibility of real-time Work In Progress (WIP) throughout the value stream enables cost savings through more efficient/reduction in WIP. Real-time visibility of WIP on the shop floor brings operational benefits including: extra storage space, fewer waiting goods and reduced risk of shelf life expiration. Information on reasons for delays, and effects of one process on another is vital and can significantly reduce cycle times.


Full visibility of the complete enterprise-wide supply chain and operations enables stricter control throughout; delivering vital information across the entire supply chain for immediate action. Single system and process standardisation between plants and vendors simplifies material flow management and reduces total cost of ownership.


Readily accessible real-time data helps key decision-makers:

- make better informed and effective decisions across manufacturing operations.

- quickly mobilise any changes required to meet demand through quantitative data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

- collaborate between departments allowing key personnel to make informed business decisions.


Visibility into capacity requirements and seasonal trends helps to schedule production and organise available resources better to establish capacity to make more and sell more product.

MES Software

MES Software benchmarks performance and productivity, by collecting and aggregating data from virtually any source (PLCs, IIoT, ERP), to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence on your manufacturing operation. Our MES platform is powered by Parsec’s TrakSYS™ software.

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OEE Software

Designed for customers who wish to begin with a simpler performance management solution. Our OEE Software Solution, OEE Express is a fast, easy to use and reliable out of the box solution powered by Parsec’s TrakSYS™ software.

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Ignition SCADA

Seamlessly connect all your data, design any kind of industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy unlimited clients to anyone, anywhere - all from one universal platform for industrial automation.

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